Sonnet #2 by Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser

The Shorter Poems of Edmund Spenser
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Sonnet 2 by Edmund Spenser

Unquiet Thought, whom at the first I bred,
Of th’ inward Bale of my Love-pined Heart;
And sithence have with Sighs and Sorrows fed,
Till greater than my Womb thou waxen art:

Break forth at length out of the inner Part,
In which thou lurkest like to Vipers Brood,
And seek some Succour both to ease my Smart,
And also to sustain thy self with Food.

But if in Presence of that fairest Proud
Thou chance to come, fall lowly at her feet;
And with meek Humbless and afflicted Mood
Pardon for thee, and Grace for me intreat.

Which if she grant, then live, and my Love cherish;
If not, die soon, and I with thee will perish.